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Northern Sweets Manner – A wish to deliver sweets rooted to the North land

It was with passion that in 1998 LeTAO was born in Otaru, Hokkaido.
We made use of our experience making melt in your mouth chocolates to create cakes with plenty of ingredients from Hokkaido. Soon, the Double Fromage became a major hit nationwide.
We now celebrate our 20th anniversary. This would not have been possible without everybody's contribution.
LeTAO will continue to offer delicious sweets and reliable services as a store of confectionary dreams. Thank you for your continuous support.

2F Café

How about a break from the tourist attractions at Märchen intersection and the surroundings?
At the main store, we offer a cake set for 900 JPY (tax excluded), including freshly made Double Fromage (Hokkaido only) and a drink.
We have selected flavored teas from Mlesna of Sri Lanka. Pure Ceylon tea blended with flavors from Switzerland are superb and offer a rich aroma. Regularly we offer a seasonal blended tea made from a mix of two to five kinds of flavored teas. We hope that customers will enjoy the harmony of seasonal tea and the original dessert of the month.
Also, we offer the Melt in Your Mouth Set with two of LeTAO's popular cheesecakes: Double Fromage and Venezia Rendezvous that can be enjoyed for 1300 JPY (tax excluded). It is the most popular plate set at our cafe. There is also a cake buffet (reservation required) once every month.


Shop limited items: Main shop limited fresh made cakes / Congratulations gift set / Deux Fromage roll / Milk Creampuff

Classic items: Slices of Double Fromage (Hokkaido only) / Celebration whole cake / Crème Glacee

※ Please note: Products could be out of stock or sold out.

  • Congratulations gift set Congratulations gift set
  • Deux Fromage roll Deux Fromage roll
  • Milk Creampuff Milk Creampuff
  • Slices of Double Fromage (Hokkaido only) Slices of Double Fromage (Hokkaido only)

Fresh made cake reservations・Delivery (For customers in Otaru City only)

The LeTAO main shop in Otaru accepts reservations for birthday and decoration cakes.

After the order is taken, our cake-makers carefully make your cakes.
You will want to try our special sweets at least once. We recommend them for birthday gifts and for yourself as well.

For birthday and decoration cake reservations call toll free: 0120-31-4521 (Toll free is only within Japan)

※ Please make reservations at least two days in advance.
※ Some types of cakes take up to a week, so please make reservations early.
※ Prices do not include tax (8% tax required for fresh cakes).
※ Product lineup may change without notice.

Birthday and decoration cake information
Cake sizes: ‹Size 4› 12cm ‹Size 5› is 15cm ‹Size 6› is 18cm

  • Strawberry Special Decoration cake

    Strawberry Special Decoration cake

    ‹Size 4› 3,200 JPY‹Size 5› 4,200 JPY‹Size 6› 5,700 JPY

  • Strawberry Decoration cake

    Strawberry Decoration cake

    ‹Size 4› 2,500 JPY‹Size 5› 3,500 JPY‹Size 6› 4,500 JPY

  • Double Fromage cake (Hokkaido only)

    Double Fromage cake (Hokkaido only)

    ‹Size 4› 2,000 JPY‹Size 5› 3,000 JPY

    ‹Size 6› 4,000 JPY

  • Strawberry Chocolate Cream Decoration cake

    Strawberry Chocolate Cream Decoration cake

    ‹Size 4› 2,700 JPY‹Size 5› 3,700 JPY

    ‹Size 6› 4,700 JPY

  • Mariage cake

    Mariage cake

    Two Layer (upper layer is size 4 and the bottom layer is size 6) 6,000 JPY

  • Seasonal Fruits cake

    Seasonal Fruits cake

    ‹Size 4› 2,500 JPY‹Size 5› 3,500 JPY

    ‹Size 6› 4,500 JPY

  • Fruits Tart

    Fruits Tart

    ‹Size 5› 2,800 JPY‹Size 6› 3,800 JPY

  • Strawberry Tart

    Strawberry Tart

    ‹Size 5› 3,500 JPY‹Size 6› 4,500 JPY

  • Strawberry Charlotte

    Strawberry Charlotte

    ‹Size 4› 2,200 JPY

  • Strawberry Dome Chocolat

    Strawberry Dome Chocolat

    ‹Size 4› 2,300 JPY‹Size 5› 3,100 JPY

    ‹Size 6› 3,800 JPY

Store information

ADDRESS 7-16 Sakaimachi, Otaru City, Hokkaido, 047-0027.

TEL 0134-40-5480 (Toll-free:0120-31-4521)
FAX 0134-31-4277
SHOP HOURS 9:00 - 18:00 (Last order for the 2F cafe is 17:30)
※Hours vary according to the season.
TRANSPORTATION 10 minute drive from Otaru Station (JR Hakodate Line)
5 minute walk from Minami-Otaru station (JR Hakodate Line)


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