LeTAO le chocolat

LeTAO Le Chocolat - LeTAO's Chocolate Specialty Shop

Chocolates, have been called the brown temptations, they attract many people. We made this store in the hope that customers will know more about its attraction and enjoy more.
LeTAO was originally a chocolate shop and Le chocolat is our chocolatier offering chocolates made with premium ingredients from all over the world.
We hope you will enjoy the wonders of chocolate with a variety of offerings for everyone.

Shop limited cake「Adèle」

This cake is available at this shop only. With LeTAO’s signature soft melt in your mouth texture this cake will give that satisfying feeling. It is created with three different layers of chocolate mousse.

The bottom layer is an egg-free dark chocolate mousse with the stand out aroma of cocoa. The upper layers are made with two different kinds of rich milk chocolate. This beautiful cake is topped off with a shiny glacage and gold leaf. It has a luxurious and stunning appearance with a combined gentle sweetness. You can only get this fabulous confection at the LeTAO Le chocolat shop.

Le Chocolat’s limited chocolate drink

This chocolate drink is made by Le Chocolat’s chocolatier and only found at our chocolate shop, in two flavors Bitter Chocolate and Milk Chocolate.

Le Chocolat’s limited chocolate soft serve ice cream

We use Valrhona’s P125, the world's first produced and entirely new chocolate equal to 125% cocoa. This chocolate’s rich taste and slightly sour flavor with LeTAO’s original milk cream creates a nice milky texture for a delicious soft serve ice cream featuring the rich aroma of cacao and refreshing after taste.


Shop limited items: Adèle / Santé Lien / Crème Glacée Le chocolat

Classic items: Niagara Chocolat Blanc Frais / Petit Chocolat / Royale Montagne

※ Please note: Product could be out of stock or sold out.

  • Adèle Adèle
  • Santé Lien Santé Lien
  • Crème Glacée Le chocolat Crème Glacée Le chocolat
  • Niagara Chocolat Blanc Frais Niagara Chocolat Blanc Frais
  • Royale Montagne Royale Montagne

Store information

ADDRESS 4-19 Sakaimachi, Otaru City, Hokkaido, 047-0027.

TEL 0134-31-4511
FAX 0134-31-6818
SHOP HOURS 9:00 - 18:00
(varies according to season)
TRANSPORTATION 10 minute walk from Minami-Otaru Station (JR Hakodate Line)