Ekimo LeTAO

Ekimo LeTAO

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Ekimo LeTAO has excellent access situated right in front of Otaru Station.

We carry our most popular cheesecake the Double Fromage and a cheesecake made in our Otaru kitchen called the Hokkaido Limited Double. Other than cakes we also have a wide range of confections including chocolate, baked goods, soft serve ice cream and others.
Please feel free to visit us!

Ekimo LeTAO limited 「Ogura Pie」

Inside this fluffy and crisp pie is special made ogura red sweet bean cream and LeTAO’s original fresh cream.
The outside is caramelized with black honey and topped with sesame seeds.
This is a confection that your whole mouth will be filled with extreme happiness at the moment you take a bite.

Ogura Pie


Shop limited items: Ogura Pie / Ekimo Cream Puff / Congratulations Gift Set

Classic items: Slices of Double Fromage (Hokkaido only) / Celebration whole cake / Crème Glacée

※ Please note: Products could be out of stock or sold out.

  • Ogura Pie Ogura Pie
  • Congratulations Gift Set Congratulations Gift Set
  • Slices of Double Fromage (Hokkaido only) Slices of Double Fromage (Hokkaido only)

Store information

ADDRESS Sun bill square 1F 9-1 Inaho,Otaru City, Hokkaido, 047-0032.

TEL 0134-24-6670
FAX 0134-24-6670
SHOP HOURS 10:00 - 19:00
(varies according to season)
TRANSPORTATION 1 minutes walk from Otaru station (JR Hakodate Line)


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