Fromage Danish DANI LeTAO

Fromage Danish DANI LeTAO

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Shop Introduction

This shop opened across from the main shop on April 26th 2018, it is LeTAO’s Fromage Danish specialty shop.

You can enjoy a fresh baked Danish, which uses only Hokkaido made ingredients, in the shop at the eat in area which seats 30 or when the weather is nice there is an open terrace area outside that will seat 30 as well. The open terrace is only available in the summertime.

The Fromage Danish is only available at the DANI LeTAO shop.

The top layer is Hokkaido cream cheese and the bottom layer is Italian mascarpone cheese. These two layers come together to form a milky cream wrapped up in the delicious crispy baked crust.

The crust is made with 100% Hokkaido wheat, homemade natural yeast (made from white birch sap and subaki yeast). It is age fermented at a low temperature for 72 hours and folded into up to 27 layers.

The result is Danish with a pleasing crispy feeling texture and the noticeable aroma of wheat.

Fromage Danish

Crème Glace


Shop limited items: Fromage Danish

Classic items: Crème Glacée

※ Please note: Product could be out of stock or sold out.

  • Fromage Danish Fromage Danish
  • Crème Glacée Crème Glacée

Shop information

ADDRESS 6-13 Sakaimachi,Otaru City, Hokkaido, 047-0027.

TEL 0134-31-5580
SHOP HOURS 9:00 - 18:00
(Please note, these hours change by the season.)
TRANSPORTATION 5 minutes walk from Minami-Otaru station (JR Hakodate Line)


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