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    • Double Fromage
    • F011¥1,728(Tax included)
    • Just one bite and you will experience the taste in your mouth that melts like snow, the rich milky taste that brings instant joy, and the aesthetically modest sweetness. The upper layer is creamy smooth no-bake cheesecake, and the lower layer is rich, tasty baked cheesecake. This spectacular melty cheesecake is just miraculous!
    • Tiramisu Nord
    • F631¥2,500(Tax included)
    • Base on the taste of traditional Italian home, the especial tiramisu is finished in LeTAO’s unique style.
      By carefully building six layers, we achieve well-balanced flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture. We selected mascarpone cheese from northern Italy which known as smooth and milky texture. The essential coffee for tiramisu is brewed by two kinds of beans from Guatemala & Brazil, and famous water of Hokkaido.
      This is a very popular limited edition tiramisu sold every fall-winter season. We highly recommend you to try the amazing flavor.
    • Potiron Double
    • F006¥1,728(Tax included)
    • Autumn limited edition Double Fromage is ready with the special variety pumpkin of Hokkaido. The upper no-baked cheesecake layer which made from Italian mascarpone cheese has creamy taste with light texture. The base layer is baked cheesecake made from Australian cream cheese, and the special pumpkin named ‘‘Kuri-maron pumpkin’’ from Hokkaido Kuriyama-cho. This kind of pumpkin is well-known as the rarity and rich elegant sweetness.
      The natural sweetness of pumpkin and the milky flavor of cheese come together and bring autumn inside with you.
    • Birthday Double
    • F499¥3,672(Tax included)
    • This is a special “Double Fromage” for the birthday of your important person. On one size larger "Doubre Fromage", LeTAO’s original whipped cream is decorated. A cute sugar message decoration and 5 candles are included as well.
    • Chocolat Double
    • F012¥1,728(Tax included)
    • The combination of the two classic cakes for every sweet tooth, cheese and chocolate, is the two-layered Chocola Double. The bitterness of cacao and the sour taste of cheese harmonize to create an elegant sweetness. Enjoy the rich yet refreshing aftertaste.
    • Venezia Rendez-vous
    • F091¥1,620(Tax included)
    • Mascarpone from the Lombardy region of northern Italy is added to LeTao's original fresh cream made in Hokkaido, flavored with natural vanilla beans from Madagascar. This excellent dessert is also quite popular with men who can fully enjoy its smooth, richly milky taste.
    • Parfait D'or Fromage
    • F016 Large(440g)¥2,484(Tax included)
    • F017 Small(220g)¥1,620(Tax included)
    • Mature camembert cheese from Hokkaido, fresh sour cream cheese from Hokkaido, and the soft, sweet flavor of Italian mascarpone are carefully selected and used. Niagara grape juice from Yoichi is included to add fresh flavor. The three types of cheese are blended in a golden ratio to make this rich tasting cheesecake.
    • Jersey Milk Roll
    • F691¥1,296(Tax included)
    • Selected high quality ingredients from Hokkaido---jersey milk, “yukinko” flour, egg and sugar are used for making the sponge cake, and rolled with home-made mascarpone cheese and jersey milk’s whipped cream inside. Moreover, the custard is used for secret ingredient that brings out the deeper taste of the roll cake. The essential ingredient “Jersey Milk” is 100% used for creating this such fluffy and amazing roll cake, which is well known as naturally superior milk with its rich and creamy taste. Please savor this ambrosial roll cake that only LeTAO can create!
    • Crème Renversée
    • F262¥1,620(Tax included)
    • This is a melty custard pudding to simply enjoy milk and eggs. The rich flavor of crème brulee comes from the use of plenty of fresh cream for a much smoother melting taste than ordinary pudding.
    • Bin de Fromage
    • F126¥1,620(Tax included)
    • This was made for customers to enjoy the delicious taste of Double Fromage. This cheesecake is too soft to cut and divide, so we offer it in a bottle to scoop with a spoon. The melted taste is so delicate that it cannot be expressed in a whole cake.
    • Double Fromage & Venezia Rendez-vous
    • F360¥3,850(Tax included)
    • A value set of F011 Double Fromage & F091 Venezia Rendez-vous.
      *Delivery charge is included in the price of this set product.
      *You can enjoy free delivery for all of your frozen products if the order is included with this value set.
    • Double Fromage & Bin de Fromage
    • F361¥3,850(Tax included)
    • A value set of F011 Double Fromage & F126 Bin de Fromage.
      *Delivery charge is included in the price of this set product.
      *You can enjoy free delivery for all of your frozen products if the order is included with this value set.
    • Double Fromage & Parfait D'or Fromage(small)
    • F362¥3,850(Tax included)
    • A value set of F011 Double Fromage & F017 Parfait D'or Fromage(small).
      *Delivery charge is included in the price of this set product.
      *You can enjoy free delivery for all of your frozen products if the order is included with this value set.oy free delivery for all of your frozen products if the order is included with this value set.


    • Gra Maalu Nutty Nutty
    • C811 4pieces¥648(Tax included)
    • C812 8pieces¥1,296(Tax included)
    • The combination of granola oats and dough, which creates the lightly and crispy texture. “Nutty Nutty” is the combination of bittersweet chocolate and hazelnut paste with great aroma.
    • Gra Maalu Berry Berry
    • C813 4pieces¥648(Tax included)
    • C814 8pieces¥1,296(Tax included)
    • The combination of granola oats and dough, which creates the lightly and crispy texture. “Berry Berry” is the combination of refreshing white chocolate and freeze-dried strawberry, with the accent on sweet and sour taste.
    • Gra Maalu
    • C815 assortment 10pieces¥1,620(Tax included)
    • C816 assortment 14pieces¥2,268(Tax included)
    • C817 assortment 18pieces¥3,240(Tax included)
    • The secret of extremely crispy texture of “Gra Maalu”, comes from the oats that used as its ingredient. The combination of oats and dough create cracks inside crunch easily, and results in the lightly and crispy texture. Please enjoy the lovely round shape, delightful and crunchy texture of our masterpiece.
    • THÉ NOIR
    • K042 10pieces¥842(Tax included)
    • K043 20pieces¥1,620(Tax included)
    • K044 30pieces¥2,268(Tax included)
    • These indulgent chocolate cookies filled with aromatic Darjeeling Tea chocolate. Silky yet rich chocolate and brittle crisp cookies has made perfect combination. Please enjoy the sumptuous feast intertwined with aroma, taste and texture.
    • Niagara Chocolat Blanc Frais
    • C052¥864(Tax included)
    • Ganache based on white chocolate with sweet flavored Niagara wine. Made by hand one piece at a time, it melts like gentle snow in your mouth.
    • Royale Montagne
    • C111¥675(Tax included)
    • Just savor of one bite, our story has been started. One of the three major teas of the world, “Darjeeling tea”, is blended into chocolate that melts in your mouth with a delicate scent of tea. We had tried over and over for 9 years to find out the exquisite balance to set off both ingredients of the chocolate, and the amazing mouthfeel of the pyramid shape that melts as a miracle.
    • Ironai
    • K040 10pieces¥864(Tax included)
    • K041 18pieces¥1,512(Tax included)
    • Imagine the nostalgic atmosphere of old Western-style houses on Rue Ironai, the old center of the Otaru economy. We proudly present langue de chat cheese cookies made from a carefully selected recipe and formula. We used the same cheese as in the double fromage, which is said to have changed the common knowledge of what constitutes a cheesecake. Just taste one bite of the cookie, you will feel like enjoying the real double fromage cake.
    • Petit Chocolat strawberry
    • C049¥864(Tax included)
    • The selected whole freeze-dried strawberry coated with white chocolate, and sprinkled strawberry powder on the surface. You can enjoy the wonderful balance of crispy, crumble texture and a little bit sweet and sour taste come from natural freeze-dried strawberry, and the milky taste of white chocolate. Both of your sense of visual and taste would be amazed and satisfied by enjoying this beautiful art!
    • Petit Chocolat amande cocoa
    • C051¥864(Tax included)
    • The roasted whole almond is covered with tasty home-made bittersweet chocolate, and sprinkled aromatic cocoa powder on the surface. You can enjoy the best combination and balance of crunch texture with great aroma of almond, slightly sweet chocolate but with bitter flavor of cocoa that move over your mouth.

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