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Hokkaido Bread

Delicate sweetness that spreads throughout your mouth with every bite

LeTAO's original fresh cream is used in our sweets with carefully selected ingredients from Hokkaido to produce the deep rich taste. The delicate sweetness spreads in your mouth and is particular to LeTAO.

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Wheat, milk, and fresh cream from Hokkaido with LeTAO's original Tsubaki yeast make this soft, resilient natural yeast bread by maturing and fermenting at a low temperature without a single drop of water. It can be widely used and arranged for sandwiches, not to mention simple toast.

A blend of two kinds of wheat are offered—koumugi from Biei in Hokkaido for the fragrant smell and yumechikara for the out strong chewy texture. Fresh Biei milk from dairy cows and LeTao's original fresh cream are added to the dough, which is slowly fermented for over 22 hours to bring out the flavor.

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