Niagara Chocolat Blanc Frais

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Smooth chocolate that melts in your mouth with the fresh fruity scent of grapes.

Ganache based on white chocolate with sweet flavored Niagara wine. Made by hand one piece at a time, it melts like gentle snow in your mouth.

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Niagara grapes from Hokkaido are very rare, and they make you think you are eating the fragrance along with rich flavor and sweetness. We decided to make a dessert using Niagara grapes to spread the fresh scent. After a number of trials, we finally decided to mix wine made from them into white chocolate. We are proud to offer you the fruity taste that you cannot experience anywhere else.

The reason they melt immediately in your mouth is because it is made at body temperature. Enjoy the special taste and texture of a delicacy you have never tasted before.

We were particular about the rich taste and the appearance— they are made round to resemble grapes.

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