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Parfait D'or Fromage

The perfect melted taste made through the combination of three cheeses

Mature camembert cheese from Hokkaido, fresh sour cream cheese from Hokkaido, and the soft, sweet flavor of Italian mascarpone are carefully selected and used. Niagara grape juice from Yoichi is included to add fresh flavor. The three types of cheese are blended in a golden ratio to make this rich tasting cheesecake.

Parfait D'or Fromage detail1 Parfait D'or Fromagedetail2
The cake is cooked slowly in a low-temperature steam oven. We have finally found the ratio of the three cheeses so that the sourness of cream cheese and sweetness of mascarpone are exquisitely blended followed by the scent of camembert.

We aimed to express three cheeses within one layer.

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