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Crispy, yet moist.
This is a Langue de chat that only LeTAO can make.

Imagine the nostalgic atmosphere of old Western-style houses on Rue Ironai, the old center of the Otaru economy. We proudly present langue de chat cheese cookies made from a carefully selected recipe and formula. We use the same mascarpone cheese as in the double fromage, which is said to have changed the common knowledge of what constitutes a cheesecake. Just taste one bite of the cookie, you will feel like enjoying the real double fromage cake.

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The perfect combination of mascarpone, cream cheese from Italy and LeTAO's original rich fresh cream, which makes this langue de chat cookie into a great harmony.

Langue de chat cookie produced by LeTAO is well known as cheese expertise.

What is LeTAO's unique langue de chat cookie?
How can we make our langue de chat cookie original?
The hint came from LeTAO's Double Fromage cake.

The secret to the crispy
yyet moist texture can be found in our special recipe.

The Rue Ironai is the crispy langue de chat cookie yet somehow retains a moist texture.The secret is in egg whites.
The well-balanced egg whites brings out the maximum crispy and moist texture.

The Rue Ironai langue de chat cookie is made of two langue de chat cookies stuffed with chocolate. The name fromage reflects the well-balanced taste of cheese, cookie dough, and chocolate.

Product Line-up

Ironai[Fromage] 10pieces Ironai[Fromage] 18pieces
Ironai[Fromage] 24pieces Ironai[Fromage] 36pieces

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